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Home inspectors have widely varying qualifications, experience, reporting methods and pricing.

We'll do our utmost to accommodate your time pressure and provide value for you. 

We're known for great customer service, dependability and quick turnaround.

A thorough and fair home inspection will help you buy or sell with confidence.

Weekend inspections available.

Our Inspector Difference

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You may count on our attention to detail and our clear report style with color photos. 

Our certified, trained and experienced inspectors carry E&O insurance with referring agent coverage.


We uphold the high standards of people who refer us and continually increase the breadth and depth of our knowledge

Member - International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI)

Member - International Code Council (ICC)

About Us

Top Home Inspector

We help you understand home systems and their condition to provide accurate and unbiased information.

Corey Folsom has 17 years full-time in property inspection having inspected thousands of properties. He conducts real estate trainings and has authored inspection numerous articles.

Corey Folsom is a graduate of Inspection Training Associates, CDW Commercial Inspection, College of Eastern Utah and the Santa Rosa Ranger Academy.

Home Inspection Praise

"Corey is responsive to requests for appointments to accommodate my schedule. He is detailed and clear in his presentation of findings. He is 100% reliable, which is why I always use his services. He has inspected properties in the $500,000- $15,000,000 range for me - I  trust him. In addition, he is a great person and someone I am proud to have as a resource for my team. Corey is simply the BEST inspector ever." -Dana Cappiello, Sotheby’s


"If you are a first-time home buyer like me, Corey is the best home inspector you can have. He arrived on time and did an amazing job to document every detail. He explained everything and crawled under the house to check the foundation. He delivered his report the next day and was available for a verbal follow-up. I am 100% satisfied with Corey's service. Trustworthy, excellent service with great eye for detail. Highly recommended if you want the best." -Ana Minatti, Los Angeles

"Corey inspected my 1910 house in Venice. His eye for detail was spectacular. His report was comprehensive and so helpful. Plus, he was amazingly nice and patient with the process and explained everything to me." -Judith Orloff, Venice

"Corey is by far one of the best home inspectors I have ever used. He is extremely punctual and I'm impressed with his diligence and knowledge. He has done wonders in protecting my clients from unforeseen issues!
He's able to field any questions regarding any part of the house and helps my clients feel more comfortable. I highly recommend Corey Folsom as one of the best inspectors in California!" -Cat Greely

“I've used several different inspection companies. Corey is hands-down the best one. He is extremely knowledgeable and thorough and gets the reports back very quickly.” –Laura Greenberg, Sotheby’s, Pacific Palisades

"I've reviewed reports from many inspectors over the years. Hands down, Corey provides the best reports and service that I am aware of today." -Mark Thomason, Keller Williams

"Corey's knowledge and expertise are unquestionable and his frank talk refreshing. He is willing to go the extra mile for my clients." -Kenn Ellis, Century 21

"Corey will  honestly tell you what is needed to be done and what is not absolutely necessary. He provides very good customer service." -Michaela Marek

"Corey is the most thorough inspector that I’ve worked with in my 17 years as a realtor." -Christine Cumming, Coldwell Banker

"Corey is a gentleman. He arrived at the inspection earlier than I did, while I was on time, of course. His report is professional and detailed and easy to understand. Corey is culture-sensitive. He spelled "Thank you" in Chinese when he emailed the report." -Xinhai

"Corey is by far one of the most professional individuals I have ever encountered in any industry: He is reliable, hard-working, diligent, incredibly knowledgeable, attentive and patient. He’s an excellent communicator and helped put issues into perspective so we could prioritize our goals. Corey obviously keeps up with industry developments and made himself available for follow-up questions.
We were skeptical about needing an inspection, but Corey pointed out flaws that could have morphed into (expensive-to-repair) damage had we not corrected the potential problems early on. I told our realtor that unless she could produce an exceptional inspector who was the very best, not to bother spending our money. She immediately phoned Corey. He provided critical information that gave us piece of mind and is a person we wholeheartedly recommend."
-Tess Howard

"This is the person that you want to perform every inspection!" -David Crandall

“As a full-time real estate broker, finding good service providers is key. He has always been very responsive and professional. There are lots of inspectors out there. Most are good, some are VERY good. I put Corey in the latter category.” -Steve Friend


“When Corey does an inspection, you can feel confident that every area has been checked and he'll walk on the roof where other inspectors will just glance up and write a couple notes.

Corey does an incredibly thorough job of walking through the property with myself and my clients, and explaining his findings in plain language. 

What sets him apart is that he cares. He takes the time to make sure that the property owner is comfortable and knowledgeable with the findings and that is the mark of a professional with a heart of gold. His work is consistently exemplary.” -Isaac Wigley

“I found Corey to be extremely easy to work with; thorough, clear, and diligent. He made the whole process easy.” -Kelly Blaser

Westside Cities

We provide home inspections in Brentwood, Culver City, El Segundo, Inglewood, Malibu, Manhattan Beach, Pacific Palisades, Playa Vista, Santa Monica, Topanga, Venice, West Hollywood, Westchester, West Los Angeles and Westwood.

Commercial inspections throughout California. 

Our commercial inspection website:


There are large differences in home inspectors. What you need is the best value for your money. Inspectors that charge very low fees usually book 3+ inspections a day. (What do you imagine their quality to be?)  We will not rush through your inspection to "get to the next one". We'll give your home the attention it deserves. 

The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of a too-cheap price is forgotten.

California doesn't regulate home inspections so it’s vital that you interview a inspector based on the following:

How much do you charge?

This question is ultimately valid, but making sure that you’re hiring an inspector with plenty of knowledge and training means not shopping by price alone. Experienced inspectors do a better job and tend to charge a bit more. Single-family homes start at $425.

May I view a sample report?

Seeing a sample report is a great way to compare. Key points should be easy to find and understand. 

We avoid vague terms which can be confusing. If a sample report is not forthcoming, that's a red flag!  

How long have you been in business?

Five years is a good minimum, but there are those who’ve been inspecting longer without continuing education. We have 15 years full-time property inspection and participate in ongoing education.

E&O insurance?

Your inspector should be insured for “errors and omissions”, including a referring agent liability protection clause. We're also bonded and carry general liability insurance.

Are you licensed?

California does not have licensing for home inspection. The experience of the individual inspector is key.  

Will I get an inspection report on site?

No. Beware of generic inspection reports, which are hurriedly generated on site. All the time we book with you is spent on the inspection of the property. Creation of an in-depth, detailed report takes additional hours of careful thought and consideration.


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